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Who We Are:

Creating a Peaceful World, Inc. (CAPW) is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. CAPW exists to support individuals and groups in generating peace within themselves, their relationships, and their way of living in the world. Further, CAPW is committed to the remembrance that Source creates us perfectly in every moment. This remembrance – this “standing in the center of Self,” this experience of peace – allows us to recognize both our ego-derived patterns and our unique offerings, and to see that we have a choice as to how we show up in the world. When we choose to share our Divine gifts, we contribute to a world that supports and empowers the uniqueness of each individual, group, and nation. CAPW shall carry out this purpose by facilitating the extension of peace into the world through direct action, by providing services to groups, organizations and individuals, by providing educational experiences, and by engaging in any other lawful activities.

We welcome your participation! Please share with us your contact information, how you’d like to be contacted, and a brief message about your interest and we’ll get you in the loop!