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Founding Director/Treasurer

Michaela 36686763_10214949300939033_6166384005424873472_oMichaela Torcaso has had the privilege of witnessing the personal transformation of a great mix of students and clients from many different backgrounds, from doctors to store owners, baristas to undergraduates, north to south, children to adults.  Michaela provides a space of support, love, and connection to something she refers to as “God” – be it the Divine, Spirit, spiritual unity, nature – with the resources she offers through TIBIA, whitedoor, and Creating a Peaceful World.

She has been a massage therapist and energy worker since 1992 and has taught a multitude of energy/intuitive classes since 1997.  She co-founded A SpiriTouch Institute Massage School in 1997 and sold her share in 1999.  Her commitment to have massage therapists be vehicles through which healing  and transformation can occur caused her to create TIBIA  (Transformation . Intuition . Bodywork . In Action) Massage School in 2001.  The last massage class graduated in  December 2012 and TIBIA, Inc. continues to offer CE for massage therapists as well as community classes for the general public.

Michaela’s commitment to peace is actualized through three very distinct organizations; whitedoor LLC, TIBIA Inc, and Creating a Peaceful World Inc – a nonprofit.  Michaela is committed to the awakening of herself and others, and to share the knowledge of that muscle we all possess regardless of our circumstances. A muscle for claiming the experience of peace. She shares this gift not only so that people know they have it, but so that they exercise this muscle regularly in all areas of their lives. Claiming peace for oneself is no passive activity. Claiming peace for oneself empowers, transforms, and is downright contagious!

In Michaela’s own words, “I regularly witness the strength it takes to remain true to one’s authentic self. I applaud the commitment required to continue ‘strengthening the muscle’ to choose nothing while remaining open to everything…”