CAPW Testimonial – Murphy

On May 14, 2013, my son was critically injured in a work-place accident. A utility pole fell from a crane and hit him the head. He had clots on both sides of his brain which required surgery on both hemispheres and removal of part of his right temporal lobe. A large part of the bone on the right side was removed to allow his brain to swell. His neck was broken and he had multiple facial fractures and a dislocated shoulder. He was on life support in a medically induced coma, and later on we would discover his left side was paralyzed. He suffered what is known as traumatic brain injury.

It was unspoken, but the medical staff did not expect him to live. One of the first people I called was Karen Wegert. I’ve known Karen for years and I know she has special gifts that I, as an engineer with an analytical mind, didn’t understand but knew she could use to help save my son.

Without thinking twice, Karen came to the hospital and although my son was still in surgery, she started using her gifts to help my son. Karen introduced me to Michaela Torcaso from Creating a Peaceful World, and both soon became regular visitors working their magic. With absolute conviction, I chose to believe these two wonderful women could help us.

I saw a visible improvement right away. When they worked with my son, I could see his vital signs stabilize. His blood pressure dropped, his temperature (always high) would drop, which is very important during a brain injury. His intracranial pressure would drop. His respiration was more even. I could see him relax despite being in a coma and hooked up to an incredible amount of medical equipment.

The nurses would often watch this and tell them to continue doing what they were doing. Using their unique gifts, they were both able to communicate with him and tell me his needs and concerns and what I could do to help him. They were able to tell him what he could do to help himself recover.

The hospital staff fully supported their work and the nurses regularly commented on how well he responded to Karen and Michaela. At that point, the medical staff told me they had done all they could medically do and it was up to a higher power. Karen and Michaela helped provide that higher power.

Through touch and the use of crystals, his paralysis lessened. Even though he could not open his eyes or speak, he could move his thumb when asked questions. He made it clear he wanted the crystals in his hands and he wanted Karen and Michaela by his side. He “asked” for them regularly and they always came. As he became more awake, they focused on those areas we knew were bothering him the most. In no time, he was able to move his left side and each day he made more progress.

Due to the severity of the brain injury, a doctor told me it would be good if he was walking with help in one year and great if he was walking on his own in two years. He would probably never drive and they didn’t know how disabled he would be due to the removal brain tissue. This was the first prognosis I was ever given and it was almost 4 weeks after the accident.

On July 5, 2013 my son walked out of the hospital on his-own. Mid-September he returned to work part-time. At the end of September he was cleared to drive and returned to work full-time. He recovered from the paralysis and with the exception of a few scars on his head, you can’t tell anything happened.

I am absolutely convinced Karen and Michaela helped my son live. They were there when I needed them and they were wonderful with Matt. Family and friends still marvel at his recovery and constantly refer to it as a miracle. It was a miracle that Karen and Michaela helped create.

Judy Murphy, Madison, WI