testimonial – adams

On December 3, 2009, my family suffered a tragic loss. My sister and niece were murdered as part of a quadruple homicide-suicide. In the days, weeks and months following that event, CAPW played a critical role in helping to give peace and love to not only myself and my children, but my entire family.

Michaela and her team were available to us for massage, bodywork and intuitive guidance, which gave us such comfort in a time when there was little to be had. Not to mention the countless hugs and shoulders offered for our tears to be shed on.

Their outpouring of love was exactly what we needed. It made us feel enveloped and safe. It gave us answers when all we had were questions.

The love and support we received from CAPW during that time was a gift that has continued to give and I am so thankful for it.

Nicole Weigel Adams